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Going to college is serious. Your success in life probably depends on it.

And you or your family may be making a real financial sacrifice, too. 

Now, here's a chance for you to be sure have the vital skills you need for college. 

You can prepare at home before you even walk into your first college class.

Whether you are a fist-time student or returning after years away, college is important to your future. The world is getting more and more competitive every year, and you'll want to do well.

Can you afford NOT to succeed? Can you afford NOT to make good grades? Can you afford not to hit the ground running, ready for college-level work?

  • How's your time management? Your note-taking? 
  • Do you read effectively and remember what you read? 
  • Can you deal with the digital distractions that derail so many students? 
  • Do you know the best way (and place) to study to get the most from your time? 

In short . . . do you know how to go to college? 

You'll find lots of helpful resources on this site, and the info is real and useful. It's from a professor who has showed thousands of college students how to succeed.

There are top tips and articles about study skills here, and a light-hearted test for you to take. 

And there are links to news stories about learning, college, and study.

There's even a page with lots of quotations to inspire or entertain you.

Also, you'll find information about our very inexpensive new ebook, Making A's in College, You can now buy it for less than a hamburger, or read it FREE on your Kindle (or your computer).

Or you might prefer to be sure you're ready for college by watching the classic DVD program that's used by colleges around the world.

Either way, you'll have the skills, strategies and tools that smart students use every day.

Here's to your college success!


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